Kindergartners Fill Room With Musical Performance

On Wed., June 1, the kindergarteners in Mrs. Bisignani’s and Mrs. Pagano’s class at Hudson Maxim School delighted their parents with a performance of “Camp Bisignani, a Bucket Filling Camp.”  The students performed musical versions of nursery rhymes.  The students have been practicing for the play for the last three months. The play was a great tool for helping students build phonemic awareness and improve reading, spelling, and reading comprehension skills.  It also served as a springboard for conversations about character and values during Social Studies classroom instructional time. After the students performed for their parents, they were able to enjoy some juice, water and a snack with their parents.  Costumes, decorations, and refreshments were paid for by the Hopatcong Educational Association. The event was enjoyed by students, parents, staff members and community members.

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