Kinnelon’s Lewit Signs to Play Basketball for Muhlenberg College

By: Melissa A. Kay


Just in time to coincide with March Madness, Kinnelon teen Bobby Lewit is living out his own basketball dreams as he was recently signed to play for Muhlenberg College’s beloved basketball team. A standout player since elementary school, practice has certainly paid off for the sports-minded senior, who will start college in August, putting his skills to the test alongside the college’s best and brightest athletes.

According to Lewit’s head coach for the past four seasons, Matt Arroyo, a Social Studies teacher at the high school, Lewit is a hardworking athlete and student, meaning he’ll make the most of his college experience, both on and off the court. As for “off the court?” He’ll be majoring in Business, as per Coach Arroyo.

As a four-year Varsity Basketball player at Kinnelon High School, Lewit is well-prepared to take the next step, giving Muhlenberg basketball fans a new face to cheer for. Coach Arroyo is proud to share, “Bobby finished as Kinnelon HS’s all-time leading scorer in Boys’ Basketball history with 1340 career points,” a feat that made the folks at Muhlenberg sit up and take notice.

Naturally, it takes talent to get to this level, but Coach Arroyo explains Lewit’s extra “special something” that has advanced him to this exciting stage in what’s sure to become some of Lewit’s most memorable moments of his life. “Bobby was one of the hardest working players I have coached. He was the first player in the gym and the last one out of it. He constantly worked on his game year round and is commonly seen shooting in his backyard and in the gym. He was also a great teammate and a two year captain.” Dedication and determination – two traits Lewit will need to hold on to as he progresses from the Colts to college.

Unsurprisingly, Coach Arroyo noted how excited Lewit was to be accepted at Muhlenberg when he learned of the news in January. “He can’t wait to start his academic and athletic career there.” Lewit’s teammates are rooting for him, and Coach Arroyo is, “very proud of Bobby and happy that he is going to a school that will fit his skill set on the basketball court.”

Between academics and athletics, there will be little time for much else, but hopefully Lewit will get a few free moments to do some of his favorite things, which Coach Arroyo lists as hanging out with friends, working out, lifeguarding, and spending time with his family.

Based upon Lewit’s love for the game and his awesome abilities, playing college hoops will only make him fonder and more focused. And Coach Arroyo has faith in one of his finest players and a gem of advice, “Bobby has to maintain the level of dedication and effort that he has shown during his four year high school career.  Playing college basketball will not be easy, but Bobby will do fine!”

The kids of Kinnelon have the right kind of role model to look up to as Lewit starts school and shows Muhlenberg what he’s made of.

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