The Land Conservancy is proud to announce the preservation of Strahman Hill Park, one of the few remaining large parcels of undeveloped land in Livingston. Combined with the Licari Evergreen Horse Farm just half a mile away that was preserved in January, this makes 19 acres of open space added to the township so far this year—a significant asset for this bustling town in Essex County.

This real estate transaction was a long time in the making, but it was well worth the effort. The township set its sights on these nine acres back in 2003 when a successful referendum was passed to establish and fund an open space trust due to the community’s interest in more parks and playing fields. It was at that time the township identified the Licari and Strahman properties as potential targets. The Licari farm was acquired in January, and Strahman finally closed in March. Tucked away in a residential neighborhood on East Cedar Street, the property has beautiful vistas on top of the Watchung Mountains, as well as rolling lawns and wooded areas. The township is weighing whether or not to retain the single-family residence on the property for bathroom facilities and educational use.

The sellers have requested that the site be named Strahman Hill Park to commemorate the previous owners. The township’s open space committee will determine the land’s ultimate use and design a plan for the park.

Linda Gloshinski is The Land Conservancy’s preservation specialist who handled the project. “I have been working with Livingston’s open space committee for over 9 years to preserve this beautiful property. We never gave up, and two years ago the owners decided to sell. For a densely populated town such as Livingston, this is a big win.”

The Land Conservancy of New Jersey is a member-supported, non-profit, accredited land trust dedicated to preserving and protecting natural land and water resources throughout the State. Originally founded as an all-volunteer group in 1981, the organization has worked with 100 municipalities in 13 counties and continues to be recognized for meeting the highest standards for protecting open space, upholding the public trust, and ensuring that their conservation efforts are permanent.

For more information about the work of The Land Conservancy of New Jersey, visit their website or call (973) 541-1010.


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