Latte Music – Teen Coffee House 

Maria Beard
Emmy Rosch

The Latte Music event held on Friday, February 9, 2024 was a wonderful showcase of talent where students performed musically, instrumentally, through poetry and song.  The event was a collaborative effort supported by MOMAC and the recreation department, highlighting the

importance of community involvement and support for the arts. 

The performers showcased their diverse talents and creativity, captivating the audience with their musical ability and expressive performances.  The event provided a platform for students to share their passion for the music and poetry creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for all attendees.

Joseph Donovan
Eli DiPaolo

Through events like LATTE Music students build confidence, creativity and showcase their talents.  The support of organizations like MOMAC and the recreational department with sponsors form local businesses is invaluable in providing opportunities for students to pursue their interests.  The event was a success, bringing all ages together.  Special thanks to Stella G and Roast at Dawn for their support.


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