Learn About Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan At Public Meeting

Learn About Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan At Public Meeting

Residents and other people who frequent Chester are encouraged to attend a public meeting to learn about a study and recommendations for the community, on Wed., April 27, at 7 p.m., at the Chester Township Municipal Building.

Chester Borough and Chester Township are working to improve cycling and walking conditions throughout the community by planning for future bicycle and pedestrian networks that will link parks, schools, and neighborhoods with the center of town. The recommendations will focus on improving safety and mobility, and serve as the basis for implementing future bicycle and pedestrian projects in Chester. 

This plan is being developed for the Borough of Chester and Chester Township by NJDOT, Office of Bicycle & Pedestrian Programs, with consulting by Urban Engineers, Inc. Chester was accepted into this statewide assistance program at no cost to the Township or Borough. 

Several years ago, hundreds of residents and visitors to Chester provided input into the first phase of this project, and the results were published as the Integrated Trails Plan for the Chesters. This next phase seeks to move forward on some of the recommendations published in the Integrated Trails Plan.

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