Legacy Family Dental is Offering “Legacy Smile” to a Lucky Candidate

By Steve Sears

For the first time, Legacy Family Dental, who has offices in Mountain Lakes and Budd Lake, is offering a complimentary dental makeover titled “Legacy Smile”.

The three dentists of Legacy Family Dental, Michael Scurti, Charles Matarazzo, and Joseph Civitello came up with the idea at their monthly office meeting.

“We just want to give back,” says Valerie Serio, Legacy Family Dental office manager. “That’s really the bottom line.”

The “Legacy Smile” is not just a cosmetic dentistry makeover. “It’s for overall health,” attests Serio. “We had a patient that nobody would touch years ago. And we did. This poor man couldn’t eat. And he asked if he was medically compromised, and he had to know going in that this treatment might not work.” Legacy Family Dental righted the man’s situation, and life. “We see him all the time. He’s healthy, he’s eating…he couldn’t eat. He had no teeth, and yes, he was medically compromised. The point of the matter is, we want to ensure everybody’s health, their well-being, to enjoy life, to have a healthy life.”

Eligible is anybody deserving. “Anybody that doesn’t take care of themselves, somebody that always does for others,” Serio says. “If God forbid you were in a car accident and money restorative-wise, or you just got over cancer and the medical bills are too high. So, it’s pretty much open to everybody.”

There is no cap on the price of servicing. As long as the selected candidate is healthy enough to have the treatment, Legacy Family Dental will provide whatever needed dental work to meet the “Legacy Smile.” Entrants can enter on their own, be entered via a friend or family member. “If somebody feels somebody is deserving enough, if they feel they have come upon hard luck and want to enter on their own, if we can have a picture of them and a letter or a short video, that would be great,” says Serio.

Entrants can enter via email, legacyfamilydental06@gmail.com, and they can do so beginning February 1, 2019. Entries will be accepted until a deserving candidate is chosen. “There is no set closing date until we feel we’ve got that right person. We’ll run it for at least three months, and if we don’t find that person, we’ll run it another three months,“ says Serio. “Overall, we want to help somebody and help them have a healthy life. You can’t do that if you can’t eat or chew or are ashamed of your smile. It can be anything. Somebody went through a nasty divorce. It happens, and she took care of her kids and never too care of herself.”

Legacy Family Dental is located on Route 46, 100 Village Green Shopping Center, in Budd Lake (973-347-8110) and in Mountain Lakes at 60 Midvale Road (973-832-0044). Please visit www.legacyfamilydentalnj.com for more information.

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