Letter to the Editor: Bill Robinson for Mount Olive Board of Education

My name is Bill Robinson and I am running as an incumbent in the November 5th election

for the Mount Olive Board of Education.

   It is my hope to be re-elected so that we may continue the positive tradition that has become 

the hallmark of the district. We are a town that has become acclaimed as a very desirable place 

to receive a great education. Although these accolades were not pursued, we have received recognition both on a statewide 

and a national level. This did not happen by chance.

  As a community we have built , maintained and continually improved an infrastructure that our students

are able to be successful amid surroundings that are optimal for learning and succeeding! Each of our 

staff members are part of making every day a positive experience from the custodial and maintenance men

and women who keep our buildings a clean and desirable environment to the administration that oversees 

the entire operation.

  Then there is the teaching staff and aides. This is where it all begins for our children . From kindergarten 

through advanced AP courses there is a dedication that is palpable! For those parents and mentors who are

familiar with the schools you know the excitement from day one and  how each year becomes a new adventure

that expands opportunities. 

   The high school has become the learning tool that can expand a student’s horizons to places they never 

would have thought about. It is a place where students learn to work , and together

be successful . They also learn that failure is the first step to future success.

Did you ever think your child would be working a real TV station either behind the scenes as a camera operator,

an editor , a director or even in front of a camera as an on screen personality?

  Besides all the usual courses that all students take there is robotics which includes builders,coders, electrical 

engineering and non technical students who present to the judges all the positive things that the team has 

done to help other teams become more viable and community efforts for their fellow man .There is also underwater robotics which in two years of 

existence has twice qualified for a spot at the national competition.

  In the Arts can you see your child in marching band, jazz band, symphony orchestra or a variety of vocal

groups? How about behind or in front of the curtain in some of the best high school or middle school productions that you will ever

see? What about  painting and photography where our students are often scholarship recipients to prestigious art schools.

  There are a myriad of math and science courses, new or more advanced added yearly. Does gene splicing sound far fetched

in a high school? Not in our new biotech lab. How about a new business lab replete with up to the second ticker tape and on screen

TVs with the various business news services in our brand new business lab!

   OK! Why vote for me? My one real value to the school is never allowing it to be complacent or stagnant. I sometimes had to work

for years to get another important course into the curriculum. Many years ago I heard a curriculum supervisor say that

“computers are a passing fancy”. It was thought that what was good enough for prior generations was good enough for these kids. 

No more, at least in Mt. Olive. Our children face a world where not only do we change jobs, sometimes every few years, but careers!

It is of the utmost importance that when they leave Mt. Olive, our students are prepared for the future, be it college or technical training.

    The BOE is an unpaid elective position. Our only remuneration is the success of our children and that is the reason I attend

many of our functions ,it is payment enough.

     You may have to search the ballot for the BOE section, but it’s there. Most importantly, vote! Your vote does matter.

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