Letter to the Editor: My Daughter, My Inspiration  

Letter to the Editor: My Daughter, My Inspiration                                   

My daughter, Christina Paternostro, lives in Pequannock with her husband Mike and their two young children. She is by far the strongest, most positive person I know.

Throughout this entire Coronavirus outbreak, she has been so uplifting not only to her family, but to her community as well. For more than a month now, Christina has “posted” a message in her front picture window for all to see. Some are funny and witty, some serious, some in thanks and some for birthday shout-outs! But always leaving a smile on someone’s face. Each day her neighbors look forward to seeing her new message.

In addition to putting up daily messages, she makes “Pandemic Pancake” breakfasts and has “Pandemic Picnics” with her family. Each day the kids have their “Corona Chores” of wiping down doorknobs and handles. She and her husband try to make “serious” fun out of it while teaching the kids to be safe. Having a somewhat compromised immune system herself, she is very serious about social distancing.

Christina does all this plus holds down a job working from home, ( while Mike holds down the fort). She always manages to keep an uplifting, positive attitude.

Yes, my daughter Christina has a lot on her plate, but she does it all with a smile. She will always be an inspiration to me.

Jo-Ann Mott


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