Lioness Club Requests Restaurants’ Participation In Fundraiser

The Chester Lioness Club is requesting the participation of all restaurant owners in the Club’s bi-annual fund raising activity. The Chester Lioness Club is sponsoring Culinary Adventures 2016, a restaurant raffle that will include dining certificates to many restaurants located in Morris, Somerset and Warren counties.  The Chester Lioness Club welcomes support of restaurants to include as a part of this fundraiser.

Posters identifying the participating restaurants will be displayed at all public sale sites in the area.  Establishment’s name will appear in advertising and in local papers for more than three months, and more than 5,000 small posters will be hand distributed thru out the area. Display a poster to support the project.

The raffle drawing will be held on Dec.1 at the Lamplighter Restaurant in Chester. Twelve hundred tickets will be printed and sold for $10 each.  Each ticket will be accompanied by a small advertising poster.  Tickets will be sold beginning in Sept. 2016 and dining certificates should be made for the 2017 year.

Receipt of a certificate by late June is required in order to secure the necessary raffle licenses. Contact event chair Anne MacMillan at 908-879-7621 or event co-chair Holly Simmenroth at 908-879-5932 for details regarding participation.  Support is greatly appreciated.  Together make a difference in the community.

Your contribution of a Certificate for Dining at your restaurant will assist the Chester Lioness Club in continuing its many charitable activities and community services.  The Club is a non-profit organization that has served Chester and the surrounding area for more than 25 years.  All funds raise by this raffle will go toward the support of the Chester Lioness Club’s charitable activities:  annual scholarships for local high school graduating seniors; Operation Chill Out (homeless veterans); Operation Jersey Cares (Overseas Troops); The Jersey Battered  Women’s Shelter; the Long Valley and the  Chester Food Pantries, Homeless Solutions Inc., Morristown;  Matheny Medical and Educational Center, Peapack;  Community Hope Inc.; The Chester Theater Group at The Black River Playhouse; Chester Area Senior Housing; The Senior Resource Center, The Market Street Mission; The Vision Loss Alliance of NJ; SAFE in Hunterdon County and the Chester Lions Club Oktoberfest.

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