Little Falls Forms Passaic Valley Covid Task Force to Combat Pandemic

Photo Courtesy of the Township of Little Falls



The Township has organized the newly-formed Passaic Valley Covid Task Force. According to Mayor James Damiano, the purpose is to bring continued awareness of the pandemic to residents of the tri-town area, including ways to aid in prevention.

Damiano said that it’s especially important during the holiday season to be responsible and that everyone needs to remain vigilant.

“I look forward to working with the Passaic Valley Covid Task Force to bring awareness to residents of these towns so that we all remain hyper-vigilant,” he explained, “especially through the holidays, with the hopes that we can all begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel with the highly anticipated vaccination beginning to be introduced, which will assist in achieving heard immunity in a safe form.”

Damiano added that everyone needs to do their part in the meantime by remembering simple things, such as wearing a mask and washing hands.

Members of the Passaic Valley Covid Task Force include Damiano, along with local residents Arnie Korotkin, Kathleen Sheber, Sam Sheber, Jr., Norman Scherzer and Nellie Cathcart.

Korotkin thanked Damiano for his commitment to work with the Passaic Valley Covid Task Force.

“The task force was formed in order to address the health and safety needs of Little Falls residents in combating the Covid-19 pandemic,” Korotkin said. “I thank Mayor Damiano for this.”

Sheber also commented on the goal of the newly formed entity.

“The mission of the Passaic Valley Covid Task Force is to collaborate with tri-town officials and local agencies in order to heighten public awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic,” she said.

Sheber, Jr. also commented that he welcomed the opportunity to provide timely and relevant information about the pandemic to tri-town residents.

Scherzer echoed the sentiment, adding that he hopes that the task force would advocate for specific needs in the tri-town area to “both contain and combat the coronavirus.”

Cathcart also commented on the formation of the task force.

“I’m pleased to be working with the Passaic Valley Covid Task Force to help our communities be among the safest in the state,” she said.

Korotkin added that any concerns and questions regarding the Covid-19 pandemic can be shared with the Passaic Valley Covid Task Force at

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