Livingston Assistant Superintendent Brings Passion For Kids In New Role

The Livingston Board of Education’s new assistant superintendent, Pat Boland has a die-hard love for the population of Livingston with “a big concern to look out for the kids.”


Boland accepted the position as Livingston’s Curriculum and Instruction assistant superintendent and started on July 1. In the past 18 years she has held various positions across the Livingston School District, such as the principal of Heritage Middle School for nine years, principal at Harrison Elementary School for six years, and a history and English teacher at Livingston High School for three years.


“I think the Livingston School District has a lot of passion,” Boland said. “Among its teachers and parents, the community as a whole is all always looking to be better and look out for others.”


Boland received her bachelor’s degree at Seton Hall University, and master’s degree at New Jersey City University. She’s a proud mom of five children, two of which graduated from Livingston High School. Her involvement with the school district over a number of years would really allow her “to work with the community and district on a deeper level.”


“With this position I can really take what I’ve learned and done and use it for Livingston,” Boland said. “I’d like to bring the curriculum and instruction in line with 21st century expectations across all nine schools.”


In order to do this, Boland plans to take action in implementing new technology into the school systems. In addition to meeting the 21st century expectations across all schools, Boland would also like to build up the Staff Development Program in Livingston.


“Our primary focus is to implement new technology to all the schools,” she said. “As our world changes, we want to make sure our kids are getting the best learning tools as possible.”


Specifically in the elementary schools, Boland plans to work with others on examining the language arts programs and implementing a new textbook series.


According to the Livingston School District’s website, the position as the Curriculum and Instruction Assistant Superintendent is responsible for multiple issues that are critical to the ongoing importance of continually updating curriculum from Pre-K through 12 and in all subject areas.

According to Boland, the District Supervisor Structure has changed to a Discipline Subject Area in order to create consistency. She hopes that with this change, students in the high school will be able to benefit from it.


“The kids in this district are doing extremely well,” Boland said. “And even when they graduate they come back still looking to give back to the community.”


For Boland she is most excited to be “working with teachers all over the district.”


“I’ve worked in a number of schools in the area with some of these teachers,” she said. “So being able to work with them after so many years will be great, especially because each of them have a lot of potential to be better than they already are.”


Best wishes to Pat Boland as she opens the new school year in Livingston.




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