Livingston Author Receives National Attention for Animated Children’s Series




By Evan Wechman


Livingston resident and entrepreneur Barry Farber is getting more attention from local residents lately.  However, he is also attracting praise and support from national celebrities such as Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary.  Joining O’ Leary are many other national figures who have joined hands with Farber to make sure children can see his new animated television series based on his children’s book “The Adventures of Little Billy: In Search of the Magic Tree.”

The book which uses animals to show children the essential positive traits to succeed in life has taken off in the last year.  Farber, who has been a sales consultant, radio-show host, and author during the last few decades has always believed in bringing value to his projects.

The new television series premiered on April 9 of this year on many local cable channels, but more importantly, can be viewed for free on YouTube.  

The free presentation on YouTube is something the Livingston native is very proud of.  “I want everyone to see it so kids can watch it and enjoy it.”

Farber who has always had a passion for animals and teaching others’ thinks that the book is perfect for television.  “The music, the voices, the inflections is what transfers to television in a unique way,” Farber said.

Farber has written approximately 15 books, but this is his first children’s book.  The origins of “The Adventures of Little Billy” can be traced back to one of the author’s other works, “Diamond In The Rough,” which was released nearly 30 years ago.  

In that work, Farber covers what traits make adults successful in their professional life such as having a positive attitude and recovering from failure.  Since then, he has wanted to share these traits with children using animals to convey all the important lessons Farber wrote about in “Diamond In The Rough.”

The television series which incorporates these values has allowed many celebrities to chip in and assist with the production.  For instance, comedian Bobby Collins who got his start in New York City loved everything about the project and shares his unique voice and spirit as Bosco the Bear.

Also, former New York Giant Super Bowl Winner Ottis Anderson fell in love with the story and provides the voice of Sherman the Turtle.  Farber picked the famous football running back because of the many setbacks he overcame in his young life, including the loss of his brother. 

The list of celebrity endorsements can take up several pages, but Farber believes that there is an easy explanation for all the support and testimonials.  “They see themselves in it.  It’s a simple message,” he said.

Despite such great praise the Livingston resident has remained humble.  He said when he initially wrote the children’s book, there were struggles.  But, due to his belief in the value of the book he stayed motivated.

Farber mentioned that during the beginning stages, he shared his book with many young students with learning disabilities and they absolutely loved the characters and the message. “Back then, that kept me going,” he said.

Farber received many letters from those students describing their love for his book and he has held onto every one to this day.

Farber is now dedicating himself to reaching as many children as possible about the positive lessons in his book.  He is planning a podcast to be released soon as well as having other stories created based on the animals involved in the Little Billy series.

However, when we reached Farber, he said he was in the early stages of a great and unique plan for the animated series to reach many students throughout the nation.  Though he had kept this part of the project hidden from other publications, he wanted to give us an exclusive glimpse into what was taking place.

Since Schools have gone digital nationwide, Farber has teamed up with leaders in the education field to ensure all kids have access to the great characters in his Little Billy series.

He is now working with School Bell Partners as their Chief Content Officer and issued an exclusive statement regarding Little Billy and his own YouTube Channel.

“With millions of moms and educators communicating online like this every day, it’s a new and exciting way for young students to learn about Billy, and for sponsors of his adventures to be appreciated for giving back to local education in communities across the country. This is all made possible through my being a partner in a company called School Bell Partners.  We’ve built a custom technology platform that networks school websites into a national digital sponsorship channel.”

The series is available to view on 

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