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By Evan Wechman


Livingston resident, author, and entrepreneur Barry Farber fondly remembers reading to his now adult children decades ago when they were just little kids.  Those memories of bonding with them and a book remain with him.  He recalls reading out loud to them, and even using different animated voices from the characters in the stories to light up his children’s imaginations.   He said, “I just remember reading with my kids and I became the characters, and they would have so much fun and get a real kick out of it.”

Though this might sound like a simple activity, Farber believes reading to your children in general is one of the best activities you can do for them to help them learn at an early age.  The focus on learning and developing other traits which can lead to success down the road is the subject of Farber’s new podcast “In Search of the Magic Tree.”  It is based on the children’s book he wrote a few years back where he used the traits of different animals to teach children the fundamentals of leading a positive life.

Farber has now taken the key traits from his book such as patience, courage, positive attitudes, empathy, and determination to launch his podcast where different experts will discuss how to instill these attributes in children.

The podcast launched this past summer with a tremendous interview with Business expert and famous television celebrity, Kevin O’Leary from television’s The Shark Tank.  Though a celebrity, Farber said O’Leary is “one of the most extremely intelligent gracious humans on the planet.”  

According to the Livingston podcast host, the reason for having the celebrity on his program was not only to discuss how to teach financial literacy to children. In addition, he wanted his audience which consists of thousands of parents, to understand how to instill in children a great work ethic, as well as how to recover from defeat.  Both O’Leary and Farber believe the ability to bounce back from a difficult day or decision is fundamental to success in work and in life.

Farber wants to have more guests on his show, whether they are celebrities or not, who have found success in raising great children by teaching them the values which lead to a healthy and productive life.  “It’s not an easy thing to do in today’s world where it’s a little different than years ago.  We have so much technology around us that I think the interpersonal skills can be compromised so I wanted to have different people talk about the foundations of raising kids at an early age,” he said.

Another fascinating interview on the podcast was with world renowned surgeon Dr. Mark McLaughlin who said that exposing children to as many different activities as possible is of great importance because this is the time when their brain is flexible enough to learn tremendous things.  For instance, the two discussed how it is far easier if you are reading to your children every evening for them to develop advanced language skills than to pick them up later in life. 

For instance, Dr. McLaughlin and Farber discussed on the podcast how some children can study and become proficient in up to about 5 languages as children because their brain is still developing, and they are reading and learning every day.

Though this may not be an everyday occurrence, Farber has learned a lot from his guests and acknowledges that at a young age, children if instructed the correct way, can learn and absorb things at a fast rate.  He said that it is important for “children to be exposed to as many activities as possible.”

Farber said in future podcasts he wants to continue to add value by featuring educators, doctors, and even athletes who have raised successful children.  One such athlete is former New York Yankee Gary Sheffield who has instilled in his children the wonderful quality of confidence.  Sheffield used his confidence at the bat to hit over 500 career home runs and has a great perspective on handing that attribute down to his kids.

Farber has made a successful transition from writing the children’s book “The Adventures of Little Billy: In Search of the Magic Tree” to his podcast by keeping the focus on the values and ideas needed for children to blossom into wonderful adults.

Farber said he also wants to bring in teachers who have worked with children with academic deficiencies to show what can work in those settings as well.

This seems to bring much joy to the Livingston resident who said “I have to love what I’m doing and I’m not planning on stopping.”

The “In Search of the Magic Tree” podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts. 


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