Livingston High School musicians form non-profit NoteWorthy Organization

By Steve Sears


Kayla Fang’s first thought of the great, worthwhile idea came from her mom.


Fang, a Livingston High School sophomore, said, “I had heard from my mom about some hospitals using music therapy as a method of healing, and this reminded me of how whenever I am feeling down or stressed, I just turn on my favorite songs or play my violin, and my spirits are quickly lifted. I immediately thought of those in our community who might need some more joy and hope in their lives, so I wanted to bring the same healing energy to them. Music therapy is not that widely known and sharing it with a large audience can demonstrate the healing power of music. I also just wanted to do something fun with my friends while making an impact on our local community.”


They have. In December of 2023, the violinist of eight years formed The NoteWorthy Organization, a group of 13 young musicians who play a blend of four instruments and beautiful music for audiences. Fang, who serves as President, said, “I formed this organization to share the joy and relaxation that listening to good music can bring to our lives. I wanted everybody to feel the way I feel when music washes away any worries I have and soothes my mind, leaving behind hope and positivity. It was the best way for me to give back to my community in a meaningful manner.”


Thus far, The NoteWorthy Organization has performed for senior citizens at CareOne in Livingston, for the children at Mountainside Specialized Children’s Hospital, and for special needs children at the Livingston Advisory Committee for Disabilities.


Amanda Zhong, Vice-President of The NoteWorthy Organization, is also a Livingston High School sophomore and violinist. 

Zhong said, “One of the most gratifying feelings when playing an instrument is to be able to spread and influence the audience with the emotions felt during performances. Not only does playing loving tunes with your friends bring so many new joys, but seeing the reactions of the people makes you feel so much more content and proud of what you are doing.” 


And “content” is an apropos word for those listening as well. 


Zhong said, “Within this organization, we are so overjoyed when younger children or older audience members express how they feel after our performance, making us want to continue planning new events for our future shows. When faced with this positive feedback, it only pushes us to work harder and makes us wish to pursue music even more. The main reason for this organization is not only to broaden the views of the people on orchestral groups, but to make change in people’s day for the better, even if it is just by a little bit.”


The NoteWorthy Organization’s goal, in addition to continuing to perform in Livingston, is to expand to other communities, and perhaps beyond state borders.

Zhong said, “This has been an extremely exciting process to envision, imagining how far this project can go and how many more communities we can influence. We are very excited to continue expanding our company, changing lives with more notes at a time!”

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