Livingston Justice & Essex County Environmental Center Hold Worm Class

In celebration of Environmental Justice Month, and the need to improve and maintain a healthy environment, especially for communities of color which are disproportionately impacted by pollution, Livingston Justice partnered with the Essex County Environmental Center to offer a Kids Virtual Composting Class & Worm Lab on Saturday, April 17th.


Heather Amendolara, a Livingston resident and Essex County Environmental Center Naturalist & Educator, taught a large group of elementary age children how to reduce waste and better take care of mother earth by teaching them about composting, and introducing them to the earthworms that make composting possible.


In advance of the class, Livingston Justice provided lab kits containing a magnifying glass, a vegan gummy worm, dissection tools and a dissection sheet to 100 children in the Livingston and surrounding area.  During the class the children were able to see how the lab tools in the Essex County Environmental Center are used, and then were encouraged to take their magnifying glasses outside to observe real earthworms.

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