Livingston Pickleball Olympians Compete

On Sep. 10, Pete Apostolou and Gary Trust of Livingston, each having less than a year’s experience playing Pickleball, entered the NJ Pickleball Senior Olympics held at Warren Field, in Woodbridge.

They lost their first round doubles match to a tournament-seasoned team. However, being a double elimination tournament, they had a chanced to redeem themselves, and did so by advancing to the third round, where they beat a heavily favored team to move into the forth round.

With new confidence, and several of their Livingston Pickleball buddies cheering them on, they found themselves, in the forth round, up against the team that beat them to start the day. The Livingston pair rallied for six straight points and were only trailing by two. But their opponents gathered themselves and came away with a 15-11 win. Ultimately their victors went on to win the silver medal at the tournament.

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