Livingston’s Flores Twins Succeed on the Field and in the Community

By Evan Wechman


Livingston High School has many notable alumni.  Twin sisters Sabrina and Monica Flores are two such examples.  Both young women have performed at a high level professionally on the soccer field and in their ensuing careers as well.


The twins were encouraged as children by their parents to tackle academics and sports equally.  Their mom, who is from Romania, and their dad, who is from Mexico wanted them to pursue the American dream, which they knew required hard work. The sisters played almost every sport growing up, but soccer is the one that stuck.


Both young women agree soccer became their passion because of the constant movement and the team environment.

This passion enabled both to play on the Girl’s Varsity Soccer team even as underclassmen.  At the same time, they also succeeded in various competitive club leagues and even practiced often with the boys’ soccer teams.  They clearly held their own against them as well.


Their success both in the classroom and on the field didn’t go unnoticed.  Sabrina and Monica were heavily recruited by many colleges to be student-athletes at various universities.  However, they both took their parents’ advice of dedicating themselves both academically and athletically, and so picked Notre Dame as their school of choice.


A major milestone for these great young soccer players was reached on the international level when they faced each other in the 2016 under 20 Women’s World Cup.  Sabrina was playing for the American team but since their father was from Mexico, Monica was invited to play for the Mexico team.


Though they usually competed with one another, this was a bit different as the twin sisters each had to go through the other to emerge victorious.  Both Monica and Sabrina, who are extremely close, preferred working together to achieve their soccer goals.


“I particularly didn’t really like the fact that we were playing against each other because we’re so close, like emotionally so it’s hard to match up against each other.  But in general, it was a pretty cool experience to be playing on the biggest stage and I tried to separate that during the tournament,” Sabrina says.


Though both sisters went on to play professional soccer both here and abroad, their true love of helping others came to the forefront.  This was not a surprise to anyone since they loved helping younger girls perfect their soccer skills both while at Livingston High School and as students at Notre Dame.


As for Monica, she is currently working as a nutritionist at a high-performance center where she coaches girls to be their best in soccer while eating a healthy diet. In addition, she has recently started her own consulting and motivational speaking business.


According to Monica this “passion comes from seeing how educating and mentoring people to change their habits for a healthy lifestyle, can give life and empowerment.”


Sabrina is also drawn to using her experiences to help others as well.  She too has recently launched a coaching business.


“I’m transitioning into running my coaching business and following that passion because I have a big passion for coaching kids and giving back to the community that way.”


Both sisters say their passion for soccer has helped them give back to the communities by sharing the education and discipline needed to win in any industry.


 “The skills that we learned on the field have completely changed my life.  Also, off the field it has given me so many opportunities to travel the world to meet my best friends and to learn more about myself and become a better human being overall.  I think that’s why both of us are so passionate about giving that love and knowledge back to young athletes because soccer changed our lives completely and gave us the life, we never thought we could have, Sabrina Flores says.

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