Local 11 Year Old Expresses Himself Through Poetry

The following poem was written by 11-year old Matthew Koroski, a rising sixth grader at Mt. Olive Middle School. He enjoys reading and writing in his spare time and has aspirations of being an author
one day.
“As you will read, Matthew loves the lake and our town,” says his father Mike Koroski who submitted the poem to the “Mt. Olive News.”

Summer Sunset on Budd Lake
It was time for the sun to yet again lay down its head as it sat in need of rest. As it came down, it created a magical reflection on Budd Lake. The lake approved of this reflection and the fish swam in delight.
People walking by were happy as a clam to see the beautiful sight. “Beep!” went passing cars, honking at the beauty of the lake. People smiled, birds flew in circles, and trees danced in the wind. Boats sailed out on the waters, and people having late-night beach walks were mystified by the wonderful sight of the sunset’s reflection on the water. The people wondered if they’ve missed the sight for a billion years.
Word spread, and soon the whole neighborhood was at the sight. People paraded through parkways and plazas to peek at the sunset on Budd Lake. When they left, they thought of the sunset, and how
much more beautiful it would be the next day. And I should know, because I am the moon.

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