Local Creatives, “Songwriter Christopher Scott Welch & Friends,” to Release Original Lullaby — for All Moms — on Mother’s Day Weekend

 “Songwriter Christopher Scott Welch & Friends” will share their original song, “My Ukulele Baby (Mommy Version)”, featuring M(s.) Mary Niewola as the lead singer, on Mother’s Day of 2022 to comfort moms and their children.

The song was created and co-written by current Randolph resident, Songwriter Christopher Scott Welch (ASCAP), who is also a producer, a singer, and a former Grammy voter. Welch co-wrote the song with songwriter, singer, pianist, and arranger Dan Thompson (ASCAP).

Welch has been called “a man of many melodies” by The Daily Record of New Jersey (Gannett). His songs have also been described as “melodic” and “easy-on-the-ear” by The Randolph Reporter of New Jersey (Recorder Newspapers).

“Though I will not be giving a commencement address at New York University, I have chosen to provide my web address to anyone who cares to check out more of my creations. May my melodies linger on.”

“My Ukulele Baby (Mommy Version)” also features fellow group performers Phil Galiardo on guitar and Gerard Papetti on drums. Thompson performs on piano and Welch on ukulele.

Song Lyrics:


Words by Songwriter Christopher Scott Welch

Music by Dan Thompson and Songwriter Christopher Scott Welch


My ukulele baby

Full of wonder with your eyes so wide

It’s the time to hold your bear beside

And to fall asleep today

My ukulele baby

You will drift across the sands of time

Turning over as the hands unwind

‘Till the night takes your cares away


To sleep and to dream

That’s what I want you to do

And somewhere upstream

I’ll be awaitin’ for you

Float on like a leaf

Upon a tiny blue tide

And meanwhile, I’ll come in

Upon a waterfall ride


My ukulele baby

Stay asleep until your dreams are done

Stay asleep until the morning sun

Sends a ray into your room

My ukulele baby

Live in dreams if only just a while

When in dreams you make your mommy smile

Now it’s lights out

That’s all I’ll say

Nighty night, nighty night, nighty night

Nighty night, nighty night, nighty night

Nighty night, nighty night, nighty night

[© Candlework Productions (ASCAP)]

All rights reserved.

Welch’s songs span the categories of Pop, Country Pop, Rock, Spiritual, and Cabaret, and more. “Whatever fits the message,” Welch adds.

“Songwriter Christopher Scott Welch & Friends” opened for the New Jersey State Fair in 2008. Welch’s group was invited back in 2009 and 2011. The group has also performed, charitably, at the Annual Randolph Fall Country Fair during 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2021, and at the first Randolph, NJ Arts in the Park festival in 2018.

For more information, visit: https://www.candleworkproductions.com.

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