Local Dentist Makes Rounds To Local Schools For Healthy Teeth

February was Dental Health Month, and in the spirit of all things smiles, Dr. Ira Goldberg and his dental assistant, Beth, are making rounds to multiple schools in the community spreading the good word about taking care of teeth.


Armed with a PowerPoint presentation with still pictures and videos, they reviewed a few very important topics:

  • Food Groups and Healthy Eating with MyPlate.gov
  • Sugar, Snacks, Soft Drinks, & Sport Drinks
  • Toothpaste & Fluoride
  • Proper brushing (and flossing for the older students)
  • Mouthguards For Sports


Goldberg, Beth and the teachers were all quite impressed with the students’ eagerness to participate with answering questions and sharing opinions. Beth brought lots of laughs from the children with some of her late-night stand-up jokes, such as “What does a mouse use for floss?” with the answer being, “string cheese!”


“With sugar, diabetes, and obesity becoming rampant childhood problems, it’s important that children become aware of the choices around them and be armed with information,” said Goldberg. “It was exciting to hear from a number of students that they prefer fruit over candy.”


Beth said, “We see a number of mouth injuries in the office due to sports, so we felt it was important that both children and their parents know that mouthguards are important. “The children went home today with a goody-bag that included an information sheet to help parents know their options with mouthguards. A boil-and-bite mouthguard is inexpensive, but doesn’t provide proper protection. A properly fitting guard is really imperative.


“We’ve already received a number of calls from patients inquiring about different topics on the information sheet. Its exciting to see such interest and involvement from the parents. As dentists, assistants, hygienists, and administrators in the dental office, we love it when parents get into Dental Health Month, too! For this reason, we made the information sheet available to the public on our website.” The direct link is https://www.morriscountydentist.com/patient-education/.


Goldberg owns Morris County Dental Associates, LLC, located at the Roxbury Mall above the Bank Of America. He performs general dentistry for the entire family, and is extremely well known for his cosmetic and implants services. To learn more about the practice, visit his website at MorrisCountyDentist.com or call the office at 973-328-1225.

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