Local Garden Center Goes Green with Solar Power

Country Mile Gardens, a family-owned and operated garden center located in Harding, NJ, has installed a 35kW solar system to cover 100% of its energy use.


The solar array, situated on 2,000 square feet of the three-acre property, will produce an estimated 39.4 megawatt hours per year. Over the next 30 years, it will offset the equivalent COfrom burning 900 tons of coal.


Brothers Dan and Thomas Gallo recently purchased Country Mile Gardens from their father, Tom Gallo, who started the business in 1977. The installation is the most recent move in their effort to reduce the environmental impact of their business. Other improvements include selling more organic and native plant materials, recycling more packaging and sourcing from more local growers.


“Dan and I, with backgrounds in environmental science and biology, are both very aware of the benefits of renewable energy and how climate change can impact our local environment, as well as our business,” said Thomas Gallo, Co-Owner of Country Mile Gardens.


Country Mile Gardens invested $124,000 in the installation and expects to see a return on investment within six years. The 80-panel system was designed and installed by Green House Solar in Madison, NJ, with high-efficiency panels manufactured by SunPower. In addition to harvesting solar power, the array will provide shade to shade-loving plants.


“We see this solar installation as a win-win-win,” said Dan Gallo, Co-Owner of Country Mile Gardens. “It will reduce our carbon footprint, make us more energy independent and also save us money in the long term.”


Country Mile Gardens is family-owned and operated garden center in Harding, New Jersey, established in 1977. With an educated workforce of horticulturalists, biologists, and plant enthusiasts, their team is ready to help with any garden problem. Country Mile also offers landscape consultations, design, delivery and professional installation of all of their plant material. For more information, visit www.countrymilegardens.com

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