Local Media Outlet Looks to the Future in Centering Stories Around The Community 

By: Tommy Hughes


In 1974, Geoff Millington worked with the Denville Public Library and began to videotape the library’s Story Hour to be shown across Morris Cablevision. This inspired Millington to organize a team of volunteers to begin recording events and stories across the Denville community and be further showcased across Morris Cablevision.  


Denville Community Television was born. 


As the Denville community began to fund what became the DCTV project, upgrades in technology saw improvements from VTR to U-Matic, and VHS to S-VHS. These improvements eventually saw projects being taped digitally with computer-based editing tools improving the quality of productions. Yet as time moved forward, trademark showcases within the Denville community were being presented with a sense of redundancy. One longtime volunteer recognized this and desired more focus on the story which is the Denville community itself. His name is Dana Foreman, and he would go on to become DCTV’s producer. 

 Having been involved in audio and visual media for 40 years, Foreman knew that the best way to advance and adapt DCTV into a more modern media outlet was by rebranding it into something more than being simply limited to that of local television. 


This is how DCTV evolved into Denville Community Media. 


“(DCM) was out videotaping (events), but nobody was getting out in front of the camera, nobody was doing voiceovers in their videos. (DCM) was (filming the events), but the quality was not there, and I thought that Denville deserved better.” 


 Foreman utilized this mindset when he filmed Pink Witches Night Out this past October, and the reception was overwhelmingly positive. This continued with the celebration of Denville Rotary’s Santa Land and Christmas Tree Lighting. Foreman said to himself: 


 “…why just get the lighting, when we can tell the story of why Santa Land is Santa Land?” 


 Foreman’s vision continued when presenting both the Santa Run from the Denville Volunteer Fire Department, the story of the Denville Book Barn, and the Denville Rotary Street Festival.  


“I like to go with something personal.” Foreman says. “My community has great stories and great people…in the enplane, these (stories) are going to be made for forever…what is it that drives (members of the Denville Community) to put on such an event?” 


The special feeling of community is something that reminds Foreman why it is worth the effort. Foreman could take the easy way out by simply walking around Denville with his phone and videotaping things, but he knows Denville is worth more than that. 

It is this mindset, vision, and implementation that saw Denville Community Media become the recipient of the Muriel Hepner Award at this year’s Denville P.R.I.D.E. Awards, recognizing Planned Recommendations for Improving Denville’s Environment. 


“Our town deserves better, because (Denville) is a great community.”  


Denville Community Media is currently looking for volunteers who can assist in bringing to life these memorable and impactful stories about the community. Contact: denvillecommunitymedia@usa.com for more information, and be sure to check out their YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/@denvillenj to view their latest content. 


Until then, they will see you around town. 


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