The Long Valley Junior Women’s Club (LVJWC) is proud to announce that it has awarded $11,000 in scholarships to thirteen West Morris Central High School Class of 2020 graduates from eleven different area families.  LVJWC is a volunteer organization which raises funds through various fundraisers and programs including our CARE Afterschool program and our Racks Valley Boutique located in downtown Long Valley.  Last year we raised over $62,000 to allocate back into our community and into programs such as our schools, Emergency Services, our local Food Pantry, our Senior Center, Mental Health and Community Safety Programs.  In addition, we run programs for our schools such as the STEM Fair, Summer Read-A-Thon, Spelling Bee and more.  


Thanks to such an incredibly successful fundraising year in 2019, LVJWC is thrilled to be able to award many thousands more in scholarships to our local students this year than we normally are able.  We received applications from so many amazing and well-deserving students which made our work in choosing the recipients incredibly difficult.  Careful consideration was given to each application however the awards were given to students who exemplified dedication to their schoolwork, academic achievement, involvement in their schools and leadership qualities but more importantly those who demonstrated a commitment to community service.  


The nine recipients of the Long Valley Junior Women’s Club Scholarship are as follows:  

Darcy Caracciolo $500

Tori Caracciolo $500

Allison Farley $1,000

Caroline Isemann $1,000

Tyler Lis $1,000

Elizabeth Mancini $1,000

Sarah Miller $1,000

Lauren Mistkowski $1,000

Emily Wu $1,000


We also awarded the LVJWC Juniorettes Scholarship to an active member of the Long Valley Juniorettes, which is the younger version of the Junior Women’s Club for girls in grades 7-12.  This year’s $1,000 Juniorettes Scholarship was given to Julia Kourpas. 


Lastly, we awarded the LVJWC Marcia Trethaway Memorial Music Scholarship to a student who demonstrated a commitment to music or plans to pursue a music career.  This award is given in memory of Marcia Trethaway, a Junior Women’s Club member who taught and shared her love of music.  This year’s $1,000 scholarship award was given to Lila Oualim.


This year we also wanted to recognize the children of one of our own past Members, Marcia Trethaway, who passed away when her children were very young.  We presented a special Memorial Gift of $500 each to John and Julia Trethaway in honor and appreciation of their Mother’s years of service with our Club.   


Congratulations to all these well-deserving kids who worked so hard throughout their high school career but who also made it a priority to give back to their community.  We wish them well in their future endeavors and truly hope they enjoy a rewarding and successful college career!


For more information about Long Valley Junior Women’s Club, visit our web page at LVJuniors.org or visit our Facebook pages for up to date information on all programs and events.




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