Long Valley Junior Women’s Club Awards $11,000 in Scholarships to West Morris Grads

The Long Valley Junior Women’s Club (LVJWC) is proud to announce that it has awarded $11,000 in scholarships to eleven graduates from the West Morris Central High School Class of 2021.  LVJWC is a volunteer organization which raises funds through various fundraisers and programs including our CARE Afterschool program and our Racks Valley Boutique located in downtown Long Valley.  Last year we raised over $64,000 to allocate back into our community and into programs such as our schools, Emergency Services, our local Food Pantry, our Senior Center, Mental Health and Community Safety Programs and so much more. 


Despite the challenges the pandemic brought, LVJWC had a record-breaking fundraising year largely in part due to the continued growth and success of our Racks Valley Boutique and we are thrilled to once again award many thousands more in scholarships to our local students over the last two years than we have in the past.  A total of $80,000 in scholarships and awards were given out at the 2021 Senior Awards ceremony, and LVJWC was proud to have given out approximately 14% of the total WMC scholarship awards this year! 


We received applications from so many amazing and well-deserving students which made our work in choosing the recipients incredibly difficult.  Careful consideration was given to each application.  The awards were given to eleven students who stood out based on dedication to their academic career, their essay submission, financial need, leadership and school involvement, but more importantly those who demonstrated a commitment to serving and giving back within their community which goes hand in hand with LVJWC’s primary mission.


LVJWC Community Service Scholarships were awarded to Kimaya Bajpai, Cameron Brown, Chelsey Cochrane, Sarah Datesman, Danielle Even, Basil Iacampo, Vincent Jiang, Emily Meehan and Hailey Onweller.  We also awarded LVJWC Juniorettes Scholarships to two active members of the Long Valley Juniorettes, which is the teenage version of the Junior Women’s Club.  This year’s Juniorettes Scholarships were awarded to Isabella DiLizia and Jamie Doris. 


Congratulations to all these well-deserving students who worked so hard throughout their high school career but who also made it a priority to give back to their community.  We wish them well in their future endeavors and truly hope they enjoy a rewarding and successful college career!


For more information about Long Valley Junior Women’s Club, visit our web page at LVJuniors.org or visit our Facebook pages for up-to-date information on all programs and events.




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