Love and Peace Initiative is Changing Perspectives During a Trying Year

By Steve Sears

Wayne resident Jeffrey Antonucci remembers the day four years ago when his signature “Love and Peace” hand sign surfaced from “deep within a blueberry sky.”

“I was living in the world of that story,” he explains, recalling that during the hotly contested Presidential campaign of 2016, he was in the process of writing the manuscript of his soon-to-be published novel, Deep Within a Blueberry Sky. “The beautiful world that exists within that story, along with the beautiful characters. It was in the pod of that story, so aside from the turmoil that was going on back then, that I pushed myself back (from my desk) and started flashing my fingers on my right hand.” The first two fingers, his index and thumb, created an “L”, which in the past symbolized “Loser.” Antonucci, instead, changed it. “I made it ‘L’ for ‘love.’ Then I held up the peace sign (index and pointer finger).” He thought that the peace sign had been in existence for over 50 years, but what good had it done? “What peace do we have?” asks Antonucci. “We don’t have any peace.” While holding up the peace sign, he extended his thumb again, and said. “Love and peace. To get to the peace, love has to lead the way. The reason we don’t have the peace is we’ve been forgetting about the love part of this.” 

It’s all about Antonucci’s initiative, “Love and Peace, a SIGN for Our Times,” where he, along with ambassadors and purveyors of good will, inspiration, and healing for hurting hearts, are ensuring that better days are ahead for everyone and everything.

Antonucci’s initiative was on a side burner while he finished his book and saw it through to publication. He revisited the advocacy in February of 2019. In a blog post at that time, he stated that the hand sign and its meaning were needed due to “…the tumultuous state of our world and human condition.” He was prophetic, and it’s also a perfect message for 2020, when a great portion of society is discouraged and depressed about what this year has delivered to doorsteps. “It is even more, unfortunately, compounded,” he says.

Antonucci doesn’t do it alone. To aid the transportation of his message, in July he developed the “New Year in July, A Global Love and Peace Celebration Tour!” video. He felt it necessary to move beyond the doom and gloom and focus on delivering instead inspiring messages out to all the world, and he reached out to that world to do so, contacting other countries to have young people deliver his “Love and Peace” hand sign and, most of all, the message. “I really felt the message should come from the hearts of the children, who could really show how the love is in all of us, no matter where we’re from,” Antonucci says. He reached out to locations in entirely different time zones – 24 of them. Once he contacted them and spoke with people, it restored his faith in humanity. “Here is a guy from New Jersey calling them out of the blue, and how open they were to this idea, and willing to help.” The 24-minute video, which features children of different nationalities verbalizing love and peace to viewers, is being followed up by a new November offering. A mix of kids and adults in the New York/New Jersey area, people of all different walks of life and backgrounds, receive the message and send it back, thanking those in the first video for putting out to the world Antonucci’s hand sign along with their own beautiful sentiments of love and peace. The name of the second video is, “A November to Join Together, A Global Love and Peace Celebration Tour, Too!”

“The power of love, that same power that drives the universe,” says Antonucci, “is in each and every one of us. And with that power, there are no limits to the good we can do.”

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