LV Boy Scouts Complete 20-Mile Bike Ride

On Saturday, April 28, members of Boy Scout Troop 236 of Long Valley dusted off their bikes and rode the D&R Canal trail, which runs parallel to the Delaware River. The Troop started their ride in Frenchtown, biked
south to Bull Island State Park, where they crossed the river into Pennsylvania. There, they picked up the trail on the Pennsylvania side of the river and biked north to the Frenchtown Bridge. Once back in Frenchtown, the guys stopped for a well-deserved ice cream break before heading home again. The total loop took 20 miles of biking to complete.
Participating in the ride were Nico D’Amico, James Moore, Ryan Kennedy, Bruce Perry, Ann Perry, Nick Franz, Herb Franz, Noah Lopez, Alan Lopez, Nick Fleming, Peter Evanowski, Ed Evanowski, Reid Nitzsche, Ben Johnston, Rick Johnston, Scott Mitchell, Scotty Mitchell, Jim Maguire, Ronnie Maier, Christian Maier, Hudson McFarland and Bob Falcone.

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