LVJWC Awards Community Enrichment Award To Local Builder Sheola

The Long Valley Junior Women’s Club presented Dan Sheola, owner of Square One Building, with its Community Enrichment Award during its June meeting.
The award recognizes Sheola’s efforts, described as going “above and beyond,’’ in the renovation of Racks, the club’s Long Valley thrift boutique.
Sheola was instrumental in securing donations from Chester Lighting and Juliano Siding Company and SDR electric, negotiating a reduced price on the most expensive material cost, the flooring, and securing
a dumpster donation from Montella, Inc., when it was realized that the ceiling needed to be torn down.
Square One provided much of the labor during the initial stages of the renovation, including a complete replacement of the ceiling with sheetrock, delivery of flooring and assistance in the painting with a
commercial sprayer.
“This donation of time and materials will be returned tenfold to the community though the allocations of funds raised, and our town is blessed to have such a strong community advocate with Square One
Building,” the women’s club said in a statement.

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