M.O. Offering Blood Screenings For Adults, Seniors

The Mt. Olive Township Health Department plan to offer blood screening tests Oct. 19 for adults and senior citizens.
The cost for the screenings is $25 for adults aged 18 through 59; and $12 for seniors ages 60 and up.
The blood test is a broad screening tool to test for various chemical concentrations in the blood, including glucose, sodium, potassium, calcium, total protein, iron, cholesterol and triglycerides.
Additional blood tests are available for additional cost. They include:
Lyme Antibody Screen, $26; CRP and Homocysteine, $38; Hemoglobin A1-C to monitor glucose control, $23; Prostate Specific Antigen, $26.
Participants should bring two stamped envelopes; one self-addressed and one addressed to their physician, for results.
For more information, call 973-691-0900, ext. 7353.

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