MACA/DDC Sidewalk Gallery Back On Display In Madison

With spring now here, the DDC/MACA Sidewalk Gallery is ready to take on its fourth year.


Once again, sidewalks of Madison will be transformed into a dynamic and stunning art gallery, showcasing vibrant artwork created by a group of talented New Jersey artists. Working together, the Madison Arts & Culture Alliance (MACA) and the Downtown Development Commission (DDC) have created a public venue that promotes the creative work of local artists, and identifies Madison as a premier arts destination.


Based on the concept of connecting art with community, the Sidewalk Gallery makes it possible for people to find art, culture and creativity in non-traditional venues providing everyone with opportunities for surprise, delight, creative participation and easy access to the arts.


The artists who participate in this project will be creating two original paintings on 30” x 46” canvas banners that will be displayed on specially designed lampposts that are installed throughout downtown Madison. Still being accepted are artists’ entries with banners installed in early May and will remain on view through mid October when they will be available at auction. More details will be provided as the banners are being installed.


The Madison Arts & Culture Alliance (MACA), is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit coalition of arts organizations, cultural institutions, historic societies, colleagues and friends, dedicated to encouraging collaborations among the wide ranging cultural offerings in Madison. Its ongoing mission is to help strengthen the community through arts participation, recognizing that Madison is a town with rich and diverse cultural activities.


The Downtown Development Commission (DDC) was initiated by Mayor Elizabeth Baumgartner and the Borough Council in Oct. 1981, following a study by Projects for Public Space, funded through a Dodge Foundation Grant. The DDC is focused on coordinating redevelopment activities in the downtown district to foster a closer working relationship between all segments of the Madison community.


If interested in participating in this project, email or visit and click on the link for DDC/MACA Sidewalk Gallery.


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