Mayor Nicastro Celebrates Diversity through a Unique Cultural Awareness Initiative

Mayor Nicastro is off and running in his first few weeks in office. As part of his platform, he is forming a committee to focus on the cultural diversity throughout the township. He is proud to announce the launch of this innovative initiative aimed at promoting awareness of diverse cultures, and holiday celebrations within the Mount Olive community.



In a world where unity and understanding are paramount, bridging the gap and fostering appreciation for the rich tapestry of human experience is imperative. The initiative seeks to inform the public about various cultures, religious practices and festive traditions. This will assist with fostering an environment of respect and shared knowledge.



Some of the key highlights of this initiative will be diverse programming, interactive workshops, and celebrating holidays in Mount Olive.



As Mayor of Mount Olive,” I believe that embracing diversity is not only a moral necessity, but also a source of strength for our community. “By celebrating our differences, we can build a more inclusive and harmonious society, that involves the unique contributions of everyone.”



For more information about the initiative and to join the committee as well as upcoming events please contact Lisa Brett Assistant to the Mayor at LBrett@MtOliveTwp.Org


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