McEvoy Scores Trifecta At MOHS

By Cheryl Conway

Playing three varsity sports in high school all four years is one thing, but setting school records in all three is quite some feat.

Just graduated with the Mt. Olive High School class of 2016, Sarah McKenna McEvoy, 18, leaves her mark as a star athlete in lacrosse, basketball and soccer. She will be heading to Coastal Carolina University where she signed a national Letter of Intent (NLI) in Nov. 2015 to play Division One lacrosse for the school women’s team.

McEvoy looks forward to continued success in lacrosse.

Coastal Carolina, it’s “perfect fit for me! It is the size school I see myself at, the location and surrounding towns are amazing, and the overall atmosphere is comforting. I will be playing lacrosse at Coastal. I was recruited, verbally committed, July 2, 2015.” She also plans to study marketing there.

While she has enjoyed playing other sports, McEvoy says lacrosse is her top pick as she enjoys “both practice and games, the team dynamic, and the sport in general. It is very fast moving, intense, and exhilarating.”

McEvoy started playing lacrosse when she was in the seventh grade. She played for T3 Lacrosse- an Elite Club Team- in 10th and 11th grade, and played all four years on varsity. Her senior year was quite impressive.

“We achieved our team goals as a unit by getting better and better each day,” says McEvoy. “In every practice, bus ride, team bonding activity, and game there were unforgettable moments with the girls I will cherish forever. We proved that we are true winners, not because we actually won but because we continued to want to get better, we had great sportsmanship on and off the field, and we would always admit that we could’ve tried harder.”

In lacrosse, McEvoy, who was a captain her junior and senior years, set the school record for most goals scored in one season. During her senior year, she scored 93 goals, 12 assists and 54 ground balls. McEvoy also broke the previous school record for career goals scored. The previous record was 173 career goals scored; McEvoy broke that record by scoring 262 goals during her four years playing lacrosse.

“I am the MOHS record holder for goals scored (262), goals in a season (93) and total points (307),” she says.

McEvoy was also a standout on the basketball court and soccer field, also all four years on varsity.

For basketball, McEvoy played “all positions; wherever they needed me,” she says.

A senior captain, McEvoy finished with 1,019 points, scoring 512 points her senior year and averaging 20.4 points per game, 12 rebounds per game and four steals per game. She finished her senior year with 90 steals and 285 total rebounds.

“I am the third leading scorer in MOHS history” for basketball, says McEvoy. “I currently hold eight school records for basketball: career rebounds: 418; career steals: 97; career field goals made: 372; most points in a season: 512; most rebounds in a season: 285; most field goals in a season: 176; most free throws in a season: 107; and most steals in a season: 90.

When she wasn’t shooting a basketball, McEvoy was playing soccer. Her position was to attack, and that she did, finishing with 29 goals and six assists. McEvoy is listed as second for highest number of goals scored in MOHS history for girls’ soccer.

“I have been informed I am one of MOHS’ most decorated female athletes and I just won female athlete of the year award,” says McEvoy.

She offers some great advice to other aspiring athletes.

“Even when things get hard and you feel defeated, push through and keep on working towards your dream,” says McEvoy. “The outcome is better than you will expect! And it is possible to be an active member in numerous clubs, school activities and achieve good academics even if you are a dedicated athlete.

As she reflects on her years at MOHS, McEvoy is thankful.

“Thank you to all of my teammates, coaches, parents, staff, classmates and the athletic department throughout the years,” she says. “I would not be where I am without them. It is an honor playing team sports where I know the girls will always have my back and I’ll have theirs. MOHS as a whole truly portrays our lacrosse motto of “One Team, One Vision.”

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