Mendham Artist Will Exhibit Paintings at Alhamra Gallery & Art Center in Bernardsville on October 5

By: Elise Phillips Margulis


Mendham-based artist Jeff Gould, known for his stunning fine art landscapes and abstract Surrealistic compositions, is having an  exhibition called “Views from Schiff” which will feature paintings directly from and inspired by Schiff Nature Preserve in Mendham. 


Gould will be showing his “nature and animal surreal mashups” as well. The exhibit will also include Japanese-inspired artwork by artist Al Gunther”


The “Views from Schiff” exhibit will be on October 5th from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the Alhamra Gallery and Art Center in Bernardsville. Blues legend Barry Blues will play a music set and refreshments will be served. The entertainment and food are free. Some of the proceeds will go to Schiff Nature Preserve.


Gould hails from New Rochelle, NY. He recalls being “artistic at a very early age and copying cartoons out of the newspaper, including Charlie Brown for a piece of promotional material for my kindergarten class.” He drew “Mad Magazine” characters when he was a bit older. Gould also enjoyed drawing superheroes.


Some of his favorite artists and inspirations are Mort Drucker and Don Martin. Gould’s biggest childhood artist influence was Norman Rockwell. “I used to sit down for hours with pencil and paper trying to copy his paintings,” shared Gould. 


“Oddly, we seem to occupy the same towns. From growing up in New Rochelle where he lived, to spending summers in the Berkshires where his main studio was.” Gould added, “And now I live in the Schiff on Rockwell Court which was named after him because he had a studio here and painted some of the early covers of the Boy Scout manuals!”


After Gould graduated from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, he designed toys for a company in New York. Then he designed packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. His next position was Art Director and then Marketing Director in the Midwest.


Gould’s wife, Karen, is from northwest Indiana on the Chicago side. After they were married they lived in different areas of the United States and in Canada. When Karen accepted a job at AT&T in 2001, they “fell in love with this area.” 


Gould decided to become a stay-at-home dad and work as a freelancer doing illustration, graphic design and portraits when his children were born. 


“I always loved the masters like Da Vinci and Rubens. Rockwell and Maxfield Parish were also some of my favorites. I also loved the French impressionists and nature and started doing oils, mainly for fun.”


He was able to achieve his dream of having his work hang in homes and galleries as his children got older. Once they were more self-sufficient he immersed himself into painting his own masterpieces.


Living in the Brookrace subdivision of Schiff enables him to explore the gorgeous nature preserve daily. “I walk my dog on the many trails every day of the year. I am never at a loss for the beauty that nature provides.” 


In addition to enjoying Schiff, Gould noted, “My wife and I love hiking and scuba diving and nature in general. And trying to communicate that beauty with a paintbrush is my passion.”


Gould won the Award of Excellence from The Center for Contemporary Art in Bernardsville for his “Schiff Meadow #2” painting over the summer. 


Gould invites you to attend his October 5th Gallery Exhibit to enjoy his vibrant surrealistic painting, blues music and delicious food. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Schiff.


The Alhamra Gallery & Art Center is located at 21 Clairmont Rd, Bernardsville.


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