Mendham Township Police Department Settles Into Its New Home

Upgrades have been years in the making

by John Garrett and Jeff Garrett

It has been a few months since Mendham Township opened its brand 

spanking new police department at 4 West Main Street– one complete with 

a sizable renovation of the old town hall.  It’s a fully-professional 

department like many. Officers are on duty 24/7, with a full-time secretary 

Monday through Friday. And now there is more room for everyone to do 

their assigned tasks. 

Mendham Township is a residential community of approximately 5000 

residents. It is situated a few miles west of Morristown and claims its origin 

to be 1749, when the State of New Jersey was then the colony of the same 

name and was governed from London, England, not Trenton, N.J.

The new police department building is an upgrade from the former station 

at 3 Cherry Lane in Mendham. 

It bears architectural touches befitting the historic district and was built on a 

lot adjacent to town hall and Brookside Engine Company 1.

There was some planning and coordination which went into this new 

construction which began four years ago.

There’s minimal parking at the station which was done in order “to preserve 

the historic fabric of the Brookside Historic neighborhood,” according to 

planners. In the construction process much care was taken to preserve the 

existing landscape around the building. The structure itself utilizes the 

existing septic field and large municipal parking lot for personal vehicles 

and the police fleet.

The former headquarters was a 1950s-era converted, split-level home that 

was showing its age. In July 2019, Township Committee members

priced the new building close to $2.20 million as part of the larger $5 million 

municipal facilities overhaul that Township Committee members approved 

in 2020 Township committee members had known for a long time that 

an overhaul was needed. Deciding how to do it, within financial 

parameters, was the challenge.

The project had to meet specific requirements as outlined by 

Cornerstone Architectural Group, who designed the building, as they 

met state requirements for building in a historic preservation area.


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