Mendham TV Wins Three Awards

By Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta

Mendham TV, the television station of the Mendhams, has recently announced that it won three awards from Jersey Access Group (JAG), which is an organization of public media.
In the “Arts, Entertainment, or Music Performance,” category, Mendham TV received the Video Excellence Award for the scripted drama, “Divorce Diary.” The show stars Haley Georgen as a girl whose parents are going through a divorce. The short feature reveals her inner thoughts and feelings as her parents, wrapped up in their own drama, remain unaware of the fallout their divorce has on their daughter. The film also stars Terri Shetler. “Divorce Diary” was written, directed, and produced by Mendham Borough resident Kyle Schickner, who is also involved in production at Mendham TV.
“It really is for kids … ‘This is what I’m feeling. I’m angry. I feel alone,’” he said, describing the vibe of the program.
In the “Documentary Profile or Event” category, Mendham TV received a Video Excellence Award for “Ice Rescue,” a documentary directed by Mendham Township resident George Twill, who is also co-chair of Mendham TV. The 15-minute short shows the Brookside Fire Department going out to a local pond and cutting a hole in the ice to demonstrate how to prep for an ice rescue.
And finally, in the “Sports Programming Games” category, Mendham TV received a Video Excellence Award for a live broadcast of a Mendham Little League game. The show was produced and directed by station manager, Doug Black. The show was shot at the request of Rob Rosselli who won the prize – “a full production of an event”- at the Silent Auction at the Mendies, the annual celebration and fundraiser of the station.
Schickner said the station was pleasantly surprised and proud of winning the awards.
“It’s good to know we’re going in the right direction,” he said.
He added that they are trying to start a “rebirth” at the station by putting more quality stuff on, including a new show called “What About The Mendhams?” which will, in the first episode, talk about the competition between the borough and township. Schickner said, “We’re going to local stores, interviewing the superintendent of schools.”
Schickner moved to Mendham from Los Angeles and has been at Mendham TV for about a year and a half. In the past he’s made feature films and is now trying to re-invent the wheel at this station.
“My feeling is that there’s a lot of opportunity to make the station more dynamic and interesting,” he said. “I’m doing a summer camp with teenagers and engaging them in how to film, make short videos, and use what they’ve worked on and put it on the air.”
Mendham TV can be watched on Comcast Channel 29, Verizon Channel 22, and Video on Demand. The goal of the station is to provide relevant community information, education, and entertainment on a 24/7 basis while promoting community involvement without the use of tax funds.
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