Mendham’s Catherine Maresca Receives Cissy Laurey’s Award Nomination

Catherine Maresca is the director of the Mendham Area Senior Housing, otherwise known as “MASH.” She was nominated for her compassion and dedication to serving Mendham’s senior community now, and well before she became Director of MASH four years ago.

As the Director of MASH, Catherine provides residents of this low-income facility with the same quality of services they might receive in a facility with greater funding.

She includes the entire senior community from both Mendham’s in all of the activities she organizes at the center in an effort to keep them informed and improve safety in their lives. She does this through hosting events that range from guest speakers from the IRS to explain social security to visits from the town Fire Captain to teach seniors how to use a fire extinguisher.

Her persistence in asking the Borough to post her events on the municipal website led to the creation of a page just for seniors where her events are highlighted links to the MASH site are provided.

Catherine Maresca is a critical factor in Mendham Borough’s efforts for keeping the community’s aging population well informed.

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