Mendham’s Colin Jefferys Mastering Art at Young Age

By: Megan Roche


Colin painted his rendition of his beloved puppy Cassie.

When you meet 11 year old Colin Jefferys, he is ready to tell you all about his paintings. The young boy has a true passion for the medium, proudly showing off his artwork around his home in Mendham.

Jefferys first took a painting class after his mom became friendly with a local gallery owner. From there, painting has truly taken up residence in Colin’s heart. 

There was a small art gallery in the building where my mom worked.  She was friendly with the owner who is a local artist. When she asked about art lessons for me, she was initially told ‘no, he’s too young.’ After seeing a picture I had drawn, she agreed to one lesson. I was 6 when I had my first lesson,” Jefferys said.

After that first lesson, Colin was hooked. Now five years after that first lesson, the Jefferys home is filled with colorful artwork, many of which look professionally done.

For the 11 year old, each of his paintings are special to him. 

I’ve painted dozens of paintings and like them all for different, special reasons. My favorite paintings are the snow owl, which took about 2 months. It was my first pastel which I did when I was 8. I also love the pastel of my puppy Cassie which I painted at age 11, The Mountains which took about 3 months at the age of 8, and The Sailboat was my first painting at age 6,” Jefferys shares.


Sitting in front of his canvas allows him to immerse himself in art, quiets his mind, and allows him to recreate the world as he sees it.

Colin holding his first ever pastel painting, entitled Snow Owl.


Painting is relaxing and entertaining. I like to be able to look at a scene or a picture & recreate it on canvas, as I see it through my own eyes,” Jefferys says. 

Still loving painting today, Jefferys happily encourages kids and adults alike to get involved in the arts.

Don’t be shy! Look at something appealing to you and recreate it on canvas. Just do it,” Jefferys says excitedly. 


The 11 year old is supported by his family and friends, but all his creations come from him alone. When asked about his inspirations, he proudly claims himself. 


“Me. Even though my family supports, encourages and is so proud of me…I am really self motivated,” Jefferys said. 


For Jefferys, sitting with his paints and easel provides him hours of happiness. Still an 11 year old boy, he’s not sure if art is what he wants to do for a career, but it will always be a part of him.


Colin hard at work on another masterpiece.

Right now, I’m only 11 and like painting as my hobby. I enjoy so many things and I don’t know if I would want to make it my career. I know that I will always want to paint as a hobby.”


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