Middle Valley Community Center Honored With Third Historic Preservation Award

Middle Valley Community Center, was built circa 1792. For centuries it has been a principal focus for the community, initially serving as the first mercantile center of Middle Valley, a post office, and even a school. For those who may not be familiar with MVCC, it is the sunny yellow, with dark green and white trim building at the intersection of 513/West Mill Road and Middle Valley Road.
Since 1975, the trustees and MVCC members have continued to work actively and tirelessly to maintain the character and to preserve this historic building in the Middle Valley Historic District. In 1990 they even succeeded in placing it on the NJ Register of Historic Places.
Since 1990, the Washington Township Historic Preservation Commission has been giving 6 historic preservation awards during May for various preservation associated reasons.
This historic building in the center of Middle Valley (MVCC), is thrilled to have been the recipient of the Historic Preservation Award, three times.
The first award was 1994 for extensive restoration work on the tower roof and foundation. The second award was in 2008 for stabilizing and repairing the 1904 tower, rear wall, porch, floor joints and basement walls. This year’s award was for an important architectural feature, which was the rebuilding of the chimney.
The mission of the Middle Valley Community Center (MVCC) is to preserve and enhance the Middle Valley Historic District, to provide educational and social activities for the public, and to maintain this gathering place for the community. It is a non-profit organization that relies on membership dues, usage charges of the building, fund raisers and contributions to continue keeping the Community Center looking good and functioning correctly. Right now the challenge is raising monies for its “Furnace and Roof Repair Fund.” All monies are tax deductible.
This space is available for use for both members and non-members. It is a great space for drama clubs, meetings, music lessons, yoga instruction, Zumba instruction, band practice and instructional classes as well as special events like a shower or wedding?

For more information about joining, donating or planning an event, visit www.MiddleValleyNJ.org.

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