Millburn Scores In Top 15 Schools Nationwide

Millburn High School has been ranked the thirteenth-best school in the country, according to a survey done by “Newsweek.”

“We are consistently ranked high in various surveys,” said William Miron, the school principal. “Even still, it was flattering to be ranked so high.”

“We have a great community,” he continued, when asked about what he thought made the school so great and worthy of such a high ranking. “By community, I mean the town itself, the parents and students and faculty. We have high expectations, and the parents have lofty goals for their children – and the students have lofty goals for themselves. Even while we can stress things that aren’t academics, the students strive to do as well as they can. They are all going to college, this combination just helps. When they are not working on academics, they know that their classmates are, and that helps them stay on track. It is a nice environment for learning; everything they do is in the hope that they are going to do as well as they can, and they will then excel. They are constantly doing as well as they can.”

According to “Newsweek,” Millburn boasts a graduation rate of 100 percent. Of that number, 93.5 percent of students are deemed ‘college ready,’ and 99.5 percent of students go on to college after graduation. According to Miron, every student who graduated this year will be going on to college.

Millburn High School also has an extensive advanced placement (AP) class program, meaning that students can take classes and receive college credits after passing an exam at the end of the year. According to Miron, there are 27 different AP classes offered at the school; he estimates that about 80 percent of students will take at least one AP-level course during their time in the school. The average student AP exam score is a 4.47, according to Newsweek. The exams are ranked on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest grade attainable.

“It challenges our students,” said Miron. “It gives them something to shoot for and to be proud of.”

Students also regularly score well on the SATs and ACTs, standardized tests that are very important when college admissions roll around. The average SAT score is 1,897, out of 2,400 possible points. The SAT tests math, writing, and reading comprehension. The average ACT score is 27, out of a potential score of 32. In addition to the subjects tested on the SAT, the ACT also tests students on science.

Miron also says that Millburn places an emphasis on electives, as so not to overwhelm students with academics. Many electives are academically inclined, such as elective history, math or science programs, but there are more creative outlets offered as well, such as classes that focus on art or music.

“Overall, we have a pretty wide variety of choices for them, and we try to accommodate as much as we can,” said Miron. “If a teacher comes up with an idea, we try to see if there are enough students who are interested in taking it. We do our best to challenge them while accommodating their academic interests.”

The school enrolls students from grades 9 – 12. There are 1,522 students in attendance.

Millburn High School was also credited as having the best teachers in the nation by a study done at More information about the Newsweek survey can be found here:

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