MOHS Olympic Star Jumps Toward Top At Athletics World Cup

By Cheryl Conway
Mt. Olive High School alumnus Keturah Orji keeps stepping up her
game when it comes to competing and following her dreams to
becoming a professional athlete.
The 22 year old recent graduate of the University of Georgia recently
competed in the 2018 Athletics World Cup, held in London, United
Kingdom, at London Stadium from July 14 to July 15.
More on the modest side when it comes to sharing her accomplishments, Orji says “I haven’t done anything really; I just have been competing and moved into an apartment.”
The 2014 MOHS graduate earned the silver medal after jumping 14.60 meters in the triple jump. The winner, Shanieka Ricketts of Jamaica beat Orji after jumping 14.61 meters.
At the Athletics World Cup, Orji competed against seven other
countries. In order to compete, she says “I qualified at U.S. track and
field championships which was in June.”
Getting ready for graduate school, Orji has stayed on track with her
athletic goals, finding success along the way.
“I wanted to compete in this to get some more international experience under my belt and also because this meet had a team aspect to it rather than the usual individual events focus,” says Orji.
Although she did not get first place, Orji is pleased with her performance.
“I was very happy with these results since I have been much more
consistent and competitive this year compared to previous years,” says Orji who came in fourth place in the triple jump for track and field during the finals of the 2016 Olympic Games two years ago in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
“She broke her record at the Olympics after reaching 14.53 meters in
June, jumping to 14.71 in August, breaking the American national
record,” as previously reported.

For the 2018 Athletics World Cup, Orji was with TEAM USA and is
coached by Petros Kyprianou.  “I received a silver medal, a team medal for USA winning the athletics world cup, and prize money,” says Orji who currently lives in Athens, Ga.
Jumping into the next chapter of her life, Orji says “My plans are to start graduate school to get a masters in Sports Management and will train as a professional athlete.”
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