MOPD Head Back To School To Teach Model Programs

The Mt. Olive Township Police Department will once again be heading into elementary school class rooms and teaching students to live safe, healthy drug-free lives. Local police officers will be teaching L.E.A.D. (Law Enforcement Against Drugs) and the Too Good for Drugs and Violence Curriculum.

The lessons in the program introduce and review a series of skills to prepare children to make healthy choices and resist unhealthy behaviors in life; including bullying, alcohol, and drug use. The model, Too Good for Drugs, is backed by both state’s law enforcement and educational leaders.

Introduced last school semester at Tinc Road School, the program will now be taught district-wide starting this school year after receiving positive feedback by both the school and the students.

Chief Stephen Beecher said, “We have six trained officers who will be teaching this program. The officers are Sergeant Mase, Corporal Russell, and Officers Braikovich, Grimm, Elbaum, and Sciscione. These officers will be attending Back to School Night at the elementary schools to introduce themselves to school staff and parents.”

The Program Director for L.E.A.D, Corporal Russell said “The officers selected to teach this program, as well as myself, are excited for the opportunity to interact with the youth of the township and to teach a program that promotes positive attitudes and choices. I grew up in Mt. Olive Township and remember the drug-free curriculum having a positive effect on my life. I believe that a direct relationship between the schools, parents, and community, that this curriculum can provide; gives kids the opportunity to adopt a positive, healthy mind set which can remain with them throughout their lives.

Beecher added, “We believe that the program will also allow officers and the youth of the community to interact in a more fun and relaxed atmosphere and strengthen the existing bond between law enforcement and the community. We appreciate the support of the schools, mayor and town council in bringing this program forward.”

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