Morris County is 1 of the 43 best-run counties in America at managing our tax dollars

Doug Cabana
Kathy DeFillippo

Morris County is 1 of the 43 best-run counties in America at managing our tax dollars – out of over 3,000 counties nationwide – putting our County in the top 1% of best fiscally managed county governments.
That’s based on analyses from leading financial experts including Moody’s and Standard & Poors that have both awarded their “highest quality” AAA rating. Moody’s called the county efforts “strong conservative fiscal management,” while Standard & Poor’s said Morris County had “better credit characteristics than the United States.”
That’s driven in large part by the work of the three proven conservatives on the Freeholder Board: Doug Cabana, Tom Mastrangelo and Kathy DeFillippo, who are delivering real results for Morris County

Tom Mastrangelo

Our Freeholders have also:
 Passed fiscally-responsible budgets including 3 years of no tax hikes
 Cut outstanding county debt by $53 million

 Balanced county budgets while maintaining services and programs
 Improved quality of life, by doubling the miles of county roads paved, and enhancing our beautiful parks, trails and lakes
Their record has transformed into key political support. Doug, Tom and Kathy are overwhelmingly endorsed by 168 Republican legislators, mayors, council people and party leaders!
The Republican primary election is Tuesday, June 4 th and polls are open from 6am until 8pm.

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