Morris County Resident, Fishman, Keeps Playing the Harp to the Delight of Many

by Jeff Garrett


MORRIS COUNTY –  About 20 years ago, Morris County resident, Faye Fishman took a 

vacation to Williamsburg, Va.  Little did she realize it would change her life to a certain 


By chance, she started chatting with someone playing the harp and thought she’d like to try 

it and soon thereafter, found herself under the tutelage of Olivia Stockert, a Harp teacher 

from Milburn.

To say it struck a chord with Faye is an understatement. Now she finds herself playing the 

instrument – one she finds soothing and relaxing – before groups at senior centers and 

libraries in Morris County and surrounding areas.

“I find the harp the harp to be a very forgiving instrument,” says Fishman, who played at the 

Randolph Township Library last month on Sunday afternoon, Jan. 21 in a program titled, 

“Medieval Through Modern On Celtic Harp.”  She finds the audiences to be warm and 

appreciative as she takes in from the listeners the positive feelings and emotions she 

gives out on the harp’s strings. It’s a cycle of sorts which come full circle as she talks about 

the songs she plays in an exchange with listeners. 

“It’s meditational – a relaxing, beautiful instrument,” she adds about the harp, saying it 

sounds beautiful for something so simple, re-stating the instrument’s elegance and appeal.

Fishman has played several programs including Celtic Melodies, a St. Patrick’s Day 

Program and a Harp for the Holidays which includes songs from Chanukah and Christmas.

She can play Celtic, Jewish, Medieval, Renaissance and even songs with a modern twist.

She was also a member of The American Harp Society, NJ Chapter of the American Harp 

Society and previous Vice President of the North Jersey Chapter in the mid-2010’s. 

She finds fellow harp players to share the same feelings she has toward the instrument. 

They too, like to interact with audiences they play before. 

Fishman is a member of the Historical Harp Society, International Society of Folk Harpers 

and Craftsmen and member pf HarpAntics, a harp ensemble.

She likes to attend Somerset Folk Art Festival every year to take their workshops and keep 

honing her craft. 

Fishman has played at charity fundraisers and similar events. There doesn’t seem to be a 

cause too small which the experienced harpist will miss in central New Jersey.  

Audiences continue to call her a fan favorite and wonderful performer. She has played at 

Cedar Crest Senior Living, Brightview of Randolph and Wayne, NJ; Fellowship Village, 

Sunrise at Randolph, Jefferson Library, The Oaks at Denville, Mt. Olive Library, Bernardsville 

Library among other places.

Fishman seems keen to keep strumming and delighting audience with musically aromatic 

sounds of from the harp, something she probably never thought she’d be playing before 

that trip to Williamsburg some 20 years ago.

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