Morris-Sussex Sports Shouts Out Healthcare Heroes and Spring Sport Seniors

By: Megan Roche

While they are usually covering all around high school athletics, Morris-Sussex sports has taken the initiative to highlight those on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.


George Muha, the founder of Morris Sussex Sports, was trying to figure out a way to keep his business afloat as the coronavirus pandemic took hold. With a business that showcases high school athletics, how would one continue to honor the athletic prowess and skills that it takes to be a high performance athlete? Muha spoke to his team and has shifted his website to honor those on the frontlines with special trading cards.


“I was looking at the news from a business perspective when this all first started. The whole world was collapsing, and I’m collapsing. Every single business in the world is taking a hit. I didn’t want to cut people back and lay people off. I made the decision to continue to work and I told them that we were going to continue with the trading cards. We felt it was the right thing to do to honor the parents and relatives of these athletes and the wives and husbands of the coaches who do so much,” Muha said.


So far, those nominated have included alumni, parents, student athletes, and brothers and sisters. To nominate someone on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, just shoot Muha a Facebook message on Morris Sussex Sports or drop him an email at The trading cards are being processed as they come in with requests.


Morris Sussex Sports covers over 40 high schools throughout the Morris County and Sussex County area. Muha and his team cover every game with scoring updates, player interviews, and sometimes even play by play live calls at certain games throughout the year. More importantly to Muha, it’s about giving the athletes the attention that they deserve while many local news outlets have forgone covering high school athletics.


“We mainly cover high school sports, and at the end of the day, we want to highlight the good within our community. We also feel that high school athletes are some of the best people in our areas. It’s not easy to be on a team for four years. It takes good grades, managing your time, sacrifice, you are doing all the right things. These kids are the most important part of our community and at this time, we need to love on these kids. We need to show them that they matter,” Muha said.


Muha also wanted to make sure that Morris Sussex fans were staying healthy and taking the proper precautions during the coronavirus. Him and the team came up with a way of designing facemasks that when purchased, all monies are being donated back to those on the front lines at this time. More information on facemasks can be found on Morris Sussex Sports’ Facebook page.


And what about those seniors who play spring sports who had their seasons taken away? Morris Sussex Sports is continuing to honor them too. Each day, Morris Sussex Sports is hosting podcasts where they talk with coaches and players from teams from around the area. The Morris Sussex Sports crew is working hard to highlight every sport and every coach from the 40 high schools that they cover. They are also having discussions with some of the local college sports teams in the areas as well.

“We’re hosting a daily talk show from 3:00-5:00 pm. All of a sudden, especially for these seniors, this is what they were training for and it was taken away very quickly. When we started this, I wanted to interview every single coach and every single spring student athlete. These kids on these sports teams deserve every ounce of respect and this podcast is one way we are giving them that respect,” Muha shared.

Muha is remaining hopeful that these senior athletes (including his own daughter) can still put on their school sports uniforms for one last time and one last celebration.

“We care about these athletes. I want them to know that our community cares about them. We wish we could be seeing them out on the field right now, but we still care about them, especially the seniors. They will not be forgotten,” Muha said.

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