Morris Women’s Group Fights Poverty

The sharing of food is one of the ultimate human experiences.  Imagine uniting over a meal with a group of generous women helping women, wishing to make every donated dollar count while addressing gender equity in developing countries.  

Dining for Women ( is a global giving circle “dedicated to transforming lives and eradicating poverty among women and girls in the developing world.”

At its monthly potluck get-togethers, issues are discussed that impact women and girls, focusing on funded grantee programs.  In the process, more than 8,000 members nationwide annually raise more than $1 million fighting for gender equity through confidential tax-deductible donations from each individual.

The local Morris County chapter meets monthly in members’ homes to be informed of the grantee recipients, U.S. based non-governmental organizations working in the poorest countries of the world. They engineer programs which directly benefit women and children, resulting in a ripple effect throughout their communities.

The group welcomes women of all national, ethnic, religious and political persuasions. For further information, contact Ellie Wasserman at

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