Morristown High School Girls in STEM Club Hosts 2nd Annual Girls in STEM Day for 8th Grade Girls.

On Friday, January 11, Morristown High School’s Girls in STEM Club held their second annual “Girls in STEM Day”.  The Club in partnership with the Morris Educational Foundation (MEF) received a grant from the McGuinn Family Foundation to host the event. Fifty eighth-grade girls from Frelinghuysen Middle School, Morris Plains Borough School, and Unity Charter School spent the day at Morristown High School exploring science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through hands-on activities.  

The girls were introduced to all of the professions and possibilities within the STEM field through activities and a Q&A session with twenty STEM professionals from seven area corporations including Atlantic Health, Johnson & Johnson, LabCorp, LGS Innovations, Langan Engineering, Moretrench and USA Architects.

“I found it interesting and inspiring that the women never stopped trying to achieve their goals,” noted an eigth- grade student from Frelinghuysen Middle School.

Each activity focused on different types of sciences, such as Engineering, Computer Science, and Health Care. They competed in various challenges, enabling them to see the fun and educational aspects of STEM fields.  

Representatives from each STEM related club and class showcased the different offerings at Morristown High School including Engineering, Girls Who Code, Rocketry, Environmental, and the Health Professions clubs.

The program was well received as one student shared, “I appreciated all of the high schoolers’ “advice and kindness. I learned about the very cool classes here and I am so excited to attend Morristown High School next year.”

Research shows that the number of women pursuing careers in STEM such as engineering or computer science has remained the same or decreased in the last few decades since many girls grow up believing that they are not suited for STEM careers.  

The twenty-seven members of the Girls in STEM Club, with support from their advisor Mrs. Mariel Kolker, took it upon themselves to take action. They organized and led a day where middle school girls were brought to Morristown High School to be encouraged to follow their dreams no matter their gender.

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