Morristown Holds Night Walk Fundraiser To Benefit Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

By Dawn M. Chiossi

One step at a time – bringing light to the darkness of cancer, bringing
hope to the people who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis- Morristown will be holding a Light the Night Walk Fundraiser to benefit Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on Saturday, Oct. 20.
Approximately every three minutes in America someone is diagnosed
with blood cancer, everyone knows someone affected by it. This
inspiring event seeks to change that by helping fund lifesaving research and patient services, and by supporting the people battling cancer.  The Leukemia and Lymphoma society is at the forefront of this battle to cure cancer through cutting edge research.
The Morristown Light the Night Walk is set to be held at 412 Mt.
Kemble Avenue in Morristown, from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Founded in 2010, Light the Night Walks are a positive and uplifting way to make a difference, giving hope an inspiration to those affected by cancer.  During this event, friends and loved ones gather together to honor, celebrate or remember those touched by this disease. Simply by walking the one mile, lifting the lanterns, donating and getting involved, people can help cure cancer.
According to Elizabeth Yacus, Title Campaign specialist for the
Morristown Walk, the goal this year is to raise $950,000. So far an
impressive $173,559 dollars have been raised already, and the number just keeps on growing.
Nearly one million people have joined on this journey, with Morristown expecting approximately 30,000 people alone. Morristown is just one of the 140 inspirational evening walks across the United States and Canada to help end this all too common disease. The best part is everyone can join in. At the Light the Night event, wheelchairs, scooters and strollers will be allowed, as well as dogs.

People can walk as individuals or in teams. Teams are full and varied:
friends and family, corporate, or any type of team at all. All that’s
needed is dedicated folks to support the mission.
Each person walking will get a lantern at the beginning of the walk, and each lantern has its own special meaning: White lanterns are for
survivors, while gold ones are in memory of someone lost to cancer, and red lanterns are to show support.
Hardly a standard mile walk event, Yacus shares that during the Light
the Night Walk some special things happen along the way. There is a
remembrance pavilion where participants can gather together and share pictures of their loved ones who have passed away from cancer, and celebrate their memory, as well as a survivor’s circle.
Yacus describes the survivor’s circle as a beam of light that goes directly into the sky, and survivors gather to light their lanterns, while everyone else surrounds them.
“It is a truly inspiring sight,” she praises.
In addition, this event is truly a celebration as they will have a kids’ zone and laser show and a DJ afterward.
Passionate regarding stomping out cancer, these dedicated officials have plenty to say regarding on how others can make a difference in regards to cancer.
There are plenty of ways to get involved, organizers say. Walk, donate, sponsor, volunteer, create or join a team. Get that company involved, retail campaigns or random acts of light, all to stomp out cancer.
Or make a general donation or donate though a particular participant or team.
The response to the upcoming Morristown Light the Night walk has
been overwhelmingly supportive; People are enthusiastically looking
forward to participating in the event.
“We are so excited for it,” Yacus tells. And she states that her favorite
part of Walk the Night is getting to know the people walking, finding
out their stories, and finding out the reasons why they are walking in the first place.
“It is overwhelming to see all of these people just remembering that they are not alone in their battle to fight cancer,” Yacus says.

For further information or details on the Morristown Light the Night
event, or to make a donation,

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