Morristown’s Niki Rubin Delivers Energy and Happiness 

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By Steve Sears

When you speak with 37-year-old Morristown resident, Niki Rubin, you can tell that, in her own special way, she knows she was placed on earth to be a conduit of energy, light, and peace.

It’s in her words and her movements. 

Consider a recent singing performance at a local assisted living facility. For Rubin, it’s never about only the vocals. “I feel energy when I move my body,” she says, describing her method of performance. “I feel it almost like water, but it’s lighter.” She was singing a Bob Marley song, and moved her arm and her hand, as if both were flowing up through water. “It just all kind of moved, one after the other,” Rubin says, “and then I twisted it like I was twisting the water, and the energy the whole time was coming out as if it’s coming out of me. And there’s love, and powerful, beautiful energy. This one gentleman there, immediately, as soon as I flicked my wrist and my fingers up and then twisted my hand, said, ‘Wow!’ An older man; I’m imagining he’s about maybe in his 60s.”

“It felt so good,” she recalls, “and that’s the thing – my movement has everything to do with it, just as much as my voice.”

Rubin, who is mom to her 8-year-old daughter, Gaia, was born in Israel on April 11, 1984. Raised in South Brunswick, she has three times been named a Lead/Supporting Actress award winner, and has modeled for the Captain Action comic book series as a character she inspired, Lady Action. Rubin is also an artist, healer, does yoga, and her latest venture is into the world of poetry. 

But perhaps her greatest gift (in addition to her wonderful, warm spirit) is as a freelance performer who sings and writes her own songs.  Prior to last year, when she sang with a band in Harlem, she would perform at assisted living facilities, and during 2020 gave back during the Covid19 pandemic by many times performing for others, especially senior citizens, even making the segue to Zoom for obvious safety reasons. 

She credits someone special for initially encouraging her. “My mom for years was like, ‘You should get into some facilities, because you would love it. It’s right in alignment with your belief system and who you are in giving to people and raising their energy.” Rubin took the advice to heart. “I just kind of left the door open, because I started to really get curious about it several years before COVID happened.” Then, the universe stepped in. “All of a sudden, one day the saxophone player that we used to work with a lot for our shows, came in and said, ‘You know, I work with a booker that does assisted living facility gigs, and I need a singer for one of these.” Rubin was in. “At this point I just do it myself, but he opened the door for that for me. What I feel from doing assisted living facility gigs is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It’s such an emotional experience.”

With everything she has done, is currently doing, and whatever she will encounter and engage with in the future, what’s most important to her is her way of living – her way of being. “I always strive to be bubbly and I always lead with love,” Rubin says. “Even if I make mistakes, I always come back to owning that, and leading with love through it.”

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