Mount Olive Township, New Jersey Featured Across North America in Business View Magazine

Business View Magazine is spotlighting Mount Olive Township, New Jersey in an exclusive feature titled “150 years proud in 2021”– part of the magazine’s focus on Sustainability in U.S. Cities.

This in-depth profile describes how over the years, Mount Olive re-zoned certain areas of town to allow for smart growth and redevelopment areas. With the implementation of the Highlands Water Planning and Preservation Act in 2004, placing 79% of the Township within the restrictive Preservation Area, along with Mount Olive currently protecting 6,925 total acres of preserved open space, the Township took steps to identify developmental areas, while keeping its commitment to protect the natural resources, farmland, watershed land, and scenic views. This balance has allowed Mount Olive to flourish with responsible residential and commercial development.

The most recent green initiative in Mount Olive is the future installation of eight electric vehicle charging stations at Turkey Brook Park. With more residents investing in electric vehicles, this service will support the use and incentives others to make the switch.

The future looks promising and eventful. One of the last major areas of development, the ITC East project, will start to take shape, an immense solar field is being planned, and the Township auctioned off 57 acres of land for future development. Another major objective is to assist with the redevelopment of a vacant 1 million square foot, five-building facility (the former BASF Complex) into a “Live, Work, Play” community. 

Mount Olive is a great place to live, work and raise a family. The municipal services, a highly rated school system, economic and residential developments, trails and open space, historical buildings, recreational facilities, and the jewel of all jewels – Turkey Brook Park – serves as the focal point of the community. Other amenities include the Mount Olive Public Library, Senior Center, the Budd Lake Beach and an award-winning playground and splash pad. Mount Oliver is home to small town retail businesses, as well as larger corporations who take advantage of the Foreign Trade Zone. But the most valuable asset to the community are the industrious and civic minded residents, employees, and volunteers.  Mount Olive is a community that cares for one another, is resilient to anything, and is stronger together.  From recreation, to education, to business, Mount Olive has something for everyone.


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