Mountain View Third Graders Learn Government from Mayor Greenbaum

Mayor Rob Greenbaum spoke with the students from Mountain View on December 9, 2019. Students are learning about government.  Classes held mock elections based on how they are handled in democracies and republics, as well as learned how decisions are made in a monarchy.  Students have distinguished the different levels of government (local, state, federal), as well as their roles.  Students are currently learning about the system of checks and balances, and the responsibilities of each branch of our government.

Students left to right:
Preston Gallagher
Madison Shaffer
Rocco Gallo
Ryan Zlasney
Jenna Bilotta
Emma Lindstedt
Lucas Bartow
Christopher Nessim
Antonio Rodriguez
Joseph Trochez
Maureen Beil

Teachers left to right:
Mary Fisher

Courtney Koppinger
Mayor Rob Greenbaum
Emily Cali
Christine Rogoff

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