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Actual Quotes from Parents

Who Have Completed the Program:  


“This class changed my life! In addition to helping me better understand and talk with my daughter, I learned how to communicate with her and a lot of stress has gone away!”


“This class was eye-opening! I learned new ways of tackling the challenges of parenting.”


“I used to yell and send my kids to their room for every situation.  Now I know better.  Now I have the tools to empower my kids and myself.”


“This course has opened my mind to different ways of parenting.  It has empowered my children and me.  I used to have totally unrealistic expectations for my children.  I used to be the dictator, and now I learned to use reflective listening, offer choices, and involve my children in decision-making.”


“My relationship with my son has changed.   I listen to my son and I’m so much calmer!  I like this program so much more than other parenting programs I went to.  Thank you so much for your help.”


Mt. Olive Child Care 


Learning Center


150 Wolfe Road, Budd Lake, NJ 07828

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  150 Wolfe Road

    Budd Lake NJ 07828


        A Free Program for All Parents


     Sponsored by:


    Mt. Olive Child Care &

     Learning Center


Would you like to………….


  • Be prepared for parenting

challenges as you child



  • Find out effective

alternatives to power



  • Be less stressed as a



  • Enjoy parenting more?


Do you ever wonder why your



  • Talks back?


  • Never seems to get to

              bed on time?


  • Complains about and

doesn’t eat what you

make for dinner?


  • Gives you a hard time

about doing homework?


  • Refuses to do things you

think they are capable of?


  • Won’t cooperate with other



If you are a parent of a child of any age and would like to expand your “bag of tricks” and learn some new tools that will help you and your family be calmer, less stressed and happier, then look no further.


Come join us!


We offer two annual cycles:


  • Winter/Spring


  • Fall


This free program offers………..


  • Weekly Classes


  • Child Care by our 

Trained, Professional



  • Dinner


  • Mentoring and Ongoing



  • Transportation


Please call us at


for registration


  further details!


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